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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My First SAG waiver

Okay, previous posts shows you that I have been aggressively working on the acting aspect of my journey, holding off modeling and designing for a bit. So I've been doing the resume dazzling background work on some indies and features and such. So I wonder when I can move to the next level.

And then last Thursday, it HAPPENS!
I was placed on the cancellation list for ABC's Ugly Betty starring America Ferrera, and what do ya know, a SAG actor cancels, and his benefits were bestowed upon me!

I have earned my first, long awaited, SAG waiver!

:::OOoouwwah OOoowwah:::

Okay, this isn't entirely the next level, but it is a turn in the right direction. All I need is two more of this "bad boys" and to cough up a little over 2k and BAM!! SAG ELIGIBILITY



Patrick said...

It's a nice feeling, right?

Jessica said...


Raelene said...

Its a wonderful feeling!!!
... thanks Jess, baby!

HeroHalo (H2) said...

MUCHO props to you - and ULTRA proud!!

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